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Explore Stunning Artwork by local Artists at the Unity Art Social

Updated: 3 days ago

Experience the lively ambiance of Unity of Oak Park's Art Social! Mark your calendars for Saturday, April 20, and join us for an engaging evening featuring eleven local artists' work, along with light refreshments.

Discover the creative spirit of our community as you connect with art enthusiasts and savor the vibrant local scene! The Art Social is free and light food and drink is available for purchase. Free Childcare is available with a movie and crafts.

Artists Showing

  • Nick Bridge: I am a Chicago-based artist. “A common concern throughout my work has been light, regardless of media or genre. My desire to paint has manifested itself in exploration of the textures and juxtapositions of the urban landscape, remnants of our native prairie, the imagery of popular culture, still life and the human figure. In trying to portray and sometimes combine these varied interests, light has always been a central concern and motivating factor. Recent work has flirted with abstraction, pattern and collage, but light remains a central motivating force.” Learn more about NicK:

  • Sandy Campbell: “Painting is my way of trying to capture the places, settings and moments that provide a source of joy, a strong sense of memory, family, and travel. I am drawn to the play of color combined with a loose often-energetic painting style that is realistic but can border on abstraction.” Learn more about Sandy at:

  • Lisa Calvert: “At this stage in my, my art ‘work’ has become more than creating a body of work to display and sell. It is now, as much as possible, a daily practice and important meditation for me. The process of collage gives me an opportunity to embrace life’s unpredictability, use some intuition and be a little playful.” Learn more about Lisa:

  • Helene Coutler: I create daily with the expectation that my artwork brings people hope, joy and peace. With pen and ink and with scratchboard and other media, I form worlds of symbolism, including unicorns, cats and planets.

  • Scott Emery: My interest in photography has grown over several decades but finally became a serious pursuit in the last fifteen years. I am self-taught but learned much through the technical instruction and artistic ideas conveyed by Bryan Peterson in several of his books. Prominent street photographers such as Steve Mc Curry, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Vivian Maier and Gordon Parks have influenced by photographic pathos, and I still enjoy street photography of a more discreet variety. However, I am also an abstract painting enthusiast. My interests range from Impressionism through the Modernism of the late 20th Century. In the last four or five years I have more enthusiastically pursued the creation of close-up photographs of a variety of surfaces composed and edited in purpose of conveying abstraction.

  • Steve Fisher: I am a printer, photographer and printmaker, and I have been doing artwork in Oak Park, Illinois, and vicinity for upwards of 35 years.

  • Janice Hovey: “I have always loved creating art from materials that might otherwise be discarded or seen as useless. In particular, I am drawn to materials that have a history or a nostalgia about them; materials that have a beauty that is revealed from weathering and age, materials that still have relevance and can be up-cycled and given a new life. I also like cutting up and composing with a variety of vintage papers and textiles. Metatorus loosely translated means ‘beyond the tube’. It is a word that I crafted to describe my technique of using discarded bicycle inner-tubes to create with and my attraction to all things that are circular.” Learn more about Janice:

  • Devonnia Livous: Chicago-based artist. My art consists of paints, clay, resin, crushed glass gemstones and other mediums. Learn more about Devonnia:

  • Bobbi Meier: I am a Chicago-based visual artist. I express “life’s frustration, joys and fears in my abstract sculptures, drawings and installations through provocative use of materials including pantyhose, spandex, porcelain and found home furnishings.” Learn more about Bobbi:

  • Steve Meier: My art medium is watercolors. Follow Steve on Instagram: @stevenchas53

  • Shannon Miller (aka NASH): I am a Chicago-based artist who has “an affinity for geometry and whimsy. I create using paint and pen on wood.” Learn more about Shannon:

A Unique Evening of Art and Community

Discover a rare chance to explore stunning artworks by local talents in a historic Oak Park mansion, designed in 1912 by George W. Maher, a contemporary of Frank Lloyd Wright. Don't miss out on this unique experience.

About Unity of Oak Park

Unity of Oak Park is a Vibrant Community, Family & Spiritual Center that provides education, experiences, and enrichment that support, revitalize, and nurture people and families to the Oak Park and surrounding communities. The teachings in Unity bring together ancient wisdom with new interpretations of what it means to be alive and human. Centered in Spirit, Unity of Oak Park co-creates a world of love, harmony, peace and abundance through prayer, meditation, education and service opportunities. Learn more at Unity of Oak Park or watch one of our livestream services at our Unity of Oak Park Youtube.

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