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Welcome Unity Colleagues:


Thank you for taking interest in Families are Made and Not only Born Program. We know through our development of our program, creating partnerships continues to be essential for the growth of our spiritual communities.  We invite you to be one of our partners as we share with you with the consciousness and three cornerstones that help small and big ministries grow with diversity in mind and inclusivity in our heart.  

We want to thank Unity Worldwide Ministries for their faith, support and love in making our Families are Made and Not only Born Program be more successful.

Why is our “Families are Made and Not only Born” Program important?


There are many church communities that are receding or closing, including Unity churches. The problem with some spiritual communities is we haven’t defined our consciousness, the different kinds of families we serve and the experiences to make our relationships grow.

What Unity of Oak Park is offering is a blue print so that every ministry can reveal a consciousness that grows, a plan that provides guidance for intentional actions, and support from your community members and partners. 

We have six months to complete our systems and processes so that we can share that with our Unity church partners.  If you are interested a the end of this 3 page letter, you may sign up for our Unity Partners Program, in which we will send you and update of the resources we have available to share.

How can Unity of Oak Park help? 
Become a Partner and be part of Families are Made and Not only Born Program.  As partners you will be able to tailor your blueprint utilizing Unity of Oak Park’s resources from our Families are Made and Not only Born Program. 

Here is an outline of resources that have been developed and will be coming soon. 

Part A. Create the consciousness. (Source)
If the soil is not fertile our intentions will not grow.

  • Growth Formula Workshop, Getting to know our current community needs and desires. The intention of this workshop is to create the motivation for growth.

  • Community Survey

  • “WE” mindset, Define Roles of Ministry & Follow Through

Part B. Blueprint for Building Partnerships
(affirmative prayer)

  • Visionary Conversations with primary ministry Groups-the analysis used is the information gathered from the Growth Formula Workshop and Community Survey.

  • Utilizing the data gathered and Growth Formula Experience, minister/community leaders will define who we are not reaching and what are possible ideas to reach our target audience.

  • Format Learning Workshop:
    reaching different learning types.

  • Who are your partners & what are you doing to engage them? 

Part C. Guidelines for your Blueprint

(Live it)

  • Annual Monthly Community Experiences — In-Person

  • Annual Monthly Education — Online, In-Person & Hybrid

  • Annual Monthly Engagement — In-Person, Local & Online

In advance we thank you for your interest, on behalf of our Dream Team of  Families are Made and Not only Born Program:  Community Builder Lindsay Ambrose, Creative Mastermind Dan Paterno and myself, Senior Minister of Unity of Oak Park Rev Ev. G. Godina.


Together we Thrive,



Rev. Ev. G. Godina

Rev Ev Signature 12-22.png

Please let us know you’d like to recieve future information abour our

“Families are Made and Not only Born” Unity Partners Program

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