Senior Minister

Rev Ev G. Godina


Rev Ev G. Godina, is a community-builder, who imagines a world of wonder where we can all celebrate, create, and contribute our unique gifts without fear. Rev. Ev’s ministry The Power of Wonder, was shaped shaped by his personal and professional experience working with adversity, violence, and fear.  Oprah Winfrey shares in order to master anything we must invest thousands of hours on our practice.  My practice over the forty years has been The Power of Wonder, the ability to dream and create beyond life’s limitations.  


Art by Rev Ev G. Godina (medium paper, and glue) SOLD


His experience as a community leader, creative director, public school teacher, curriculum coordinator, marketing strategist, & international artist, has given him the experience to plan, guide and manifest a prosperous path for Unity of Oak Park. 



His service has provided other educators, students, parents, and community leaders with alternative ways to learn and innovate their highest potential through The Power of Wonder. His forty years of cultivating The Power of Wonder has established him as a new voice to our New Thought movement.  Rev. Ev has a Masters of Divinity and is an ordained Unity Minister. He is our senior minister at Unity of Oak Park, IL. 



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(Beyond Words, made with only paper and glue 5ftx3ft ,Sold). Rev Ev G. Godina has been featured at Art Basel Miami, Peter Geralds Gallery in Santa Fe, NYC Solo Show, & Scope in the Hamptons.



Special Note from: Rev Ev G. Godina



Dear Friends & Guests:

Before we came into this world our needs were fulfilled, imagine awakening to them.  Are we ready to say, “Yes”!  Are we ready to awaken to what is already ours waiting to be discovered, explored, and shaped by us!  Feel and embody the work of God in you right now, because you are God’s work! 
Know this unconditional love is supporting your way right now as we affirm, ‘YES’!  Are we ready for a wow factor to happen in our life? If the answer is “yes” then expect not one but many. God is unlimited and so are we. Join us at Unity of Oak Park in person or on zoom. 
Hope to see you soon, blessings Rev Ev