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Lindsay Ambrose

Community Builder & Center Administrator

Lindsay has an M.A. in writing, is a certified postpartum doula, group facilitator, mindfulness and spiritual guide, and currently pursuing spiritual leadership through Unity Worldwide. Through writing, speaking, and coaching, she guides people and families in transition to create wholeness within and harmony in mind, family, and spirit. Co-author of Peaceful Mama, the Mind, Body, and Baby Connection and co-creator of the Nourish Method for incorporating mindfulness at home. She is the mother of three amazing children, a wife, trail runner, reader, and a traveler always looking for her next adventure. Learn more at

Angel Lorenz.JPG

Angel Lorenz

Musical Director & Hospitality Support

Angel began his music journey as a Junior in high school. But it was not until his Senior year, when he was exposed to Jazz, that he discovered music was his calling. He was accepted soon after into the Ravinia Jazz Mentor Program, where he played the Saxophone and learned from Chicago’s best – such as Willie Pickens, Pat Mallinger, Tito Carrillo and Bobby Broom. All the support, encouragement and teachings from these mentors proved to be a pivotal point in the life of this kid raised in the South Side of Chicago, originally from Celaya, Guanajuato.

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Dan Paterno

Web Master

While at the helm of his own design and marketing company since 1991, Dan has been volunteering and donating his time and talent to causes that touch his heart.  "Where much is given, much is expected!"

Currently, he's also at the helm of his own design and marketing company,

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