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Internationally Recognized Architect


Architect George W. Maher designed and built this building in 1912 as a home for Mr. and Mrs. James Hall Taylor and their family. The style of the house is "Early Modern Rectilinear." It is broad, monumental, and dignified. 

Its Prairie Style characteristics include a hipped roof, pronounced horizontal features and bands of windows under deep eaves. When entering by the front door, the first thing you see is the beautiful arched window on the first floor landing.

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Founding Minister Rev. Richard Billings

Founding Minister, Rev. Richard Billings, 94, served as minister of Unity of Oak Park for 50 years. When he began, 35 people, all older than himself, had purchased an impractical fixer-upper mansion intended to be the church’s building at a controversial time in the history of Oak Park.  Richard taught at Unity School and was a guest speaker for many centers — including at his good friend Johnnie Colman’s Center on the South Side and three times in Avery Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center. 


On Sept. 1, 2017,  the board of directors, honored his retirement and decided to release him so that the new senior minister can lead at that time.   Unity of Oak Park declined in members during his absence and had no leadership that focused on building community for years after.


It wasn't until 2021 a new board of trustees hired ordained Unity minister, Rev Ev. G. Godina, who is equipped to restore and rebuild what Rev. Richard Billings started.


Click to read more about Rev Ev Godina 

Rev Richard's last interview with Mark Hicks can be read here.

Rev Richard's highlighted lessons can be heard here.

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Need an Event Space for Celebrations, Classes & Gatherings?


Unity of Oak Park is an ideal venue for your meeting, retreat, wedding, or special event. Our useful spaces include:

  • Fellowship Room (ideal for meetings, parties needing a kitchen)

  • Sanctuary (ideal for presentations, concerts etc)

  • Art Room (enclosed meeting space with lounge)

  • Prayer chapel (ideal for small gatherings, cocktail party)

  • Solarium (ideal for small gatherings, cocktail party)

Event Space for Rent
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