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Unity Church of Oak Park
is our spiritual home open to ALL.

This is a special place that enables us to create meaning in our lives.

We serve families of all kinds, so that every child, parent and adult can feel nourished, revitalized, and supported, with the spiritual tools and community experiences
we create together.


Unity of Oak Park makes a difference by living our Truth as a community.  In February 2023 we partnered again with Housing Forward, making meals for families in transition.  A youth volunteer of ours wrote a letter to one of the recipients of the people who would receive the food, “You are amazing just the way you are.”  


This was a touching moment because our youth volunteer, did not see the recipient as broken but as a person who is whole going through a rough patch. This is one of the many examples of why Unity of Oak Park is special for all families, members and community partners.



There are many church communities that are receding or closing, including Unity churches. We are here and thriving because of the commitment of our community members and the consciousness Rev Ev Godina leads us with— together we prosper.  

Like any spiritual home, Unity of Oak Park requires care and investment.  We ask that you consider providing financial support to Unity, not just to maintain our home and community, but to improve upon the beautiful historical building we gather in and the foundation our founding minister Rev. Richard Billings started 65 plus years ago.


Through giving, we are nurturing the home in which we spiritually dwell, love, and grow.  Through giving we support our dreams and the dreams of future generations with the teachings and love of Unity of Oak Park.  



At Unity of Oak Park, YOU understand who YOU are,

YOU have a spiritual community where YOU feel accepted,

and YOU know that YOUR contributions count.

 With an open heart, we ask that you would be part of our
Helping Our Ministry Expand (H.O.M.E.) program.

What is the Helping Our Ministry Expand (H.O.M.E.) pledge program?

The H.O.M.E pledge program is an optional way to set up a re-occurring giving, in which you can always stop or adjust the amount.  The benefit is it helps Unity of Oak Park know if we have the funds to sustain and grow our community.

Welcome to Unity Oak Park’s
Helping Our Ministry Expand (H.O.M.E.)
recurring pledge giving program

  1. ​Choose your FREQUENCY of giving
  2. Choose your METHOD of payment
  3. Choose CONTINUE
​You can edit your recurring gift anytime.
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