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When you let go of the theology and misperceptions of what you think meditation “should be,”
you can use it as a tool to CAPTURE YOUR BEST
for yourself, your relationships, and the world.

Our 60-day meditation Journey is a term we're using to strip away the theology and misperceptions of meditation.

In a nutshell here are three misperceptions of meditation:

  1. You are doing it wrong

  2. You meditate to escape reality

  3. You don’t fit a certain spiritual mold.

Why might I want to consider doing the Capture Your Best 60-Day Meditation Journey?

It’s a 60-day JOURNEY that allows anyone to heighten their awareness to be MORE KIND to yourself, your relationships, and our world.  It is not a destination but a practice that will help you in time be LESS REACTIVE and MORE PRESENT with what we really are—LOVE!

What do you need to begin?


What are the benefits?

If you are uncertain about life experiences, self-doubt, worry, or feel down for any reason, this is a perfect time to break through with The Capture Your Best Meditation Journey.

As a result of the meditation practice you will be able to make the breakthrough you need from: I can’t to I can, I will try to I am being, excuses to intentions, impossibilities to possibilities, disagreements to agreements, triggers to resilience, desire to action and finally kindness to kindness.

When we are aware and practice meditation there is no separation. By letting go of our attachments of mind we have better relationships and open ourselves to prosperity and a longer life.

How do I register?

With willingness is a commitment to the Capture Your Best 60-Day Meditation Journey. Register HERE.

You will get a follow-up email with all the details.

What does it entail?

  • Member Page where you can access and listen to the meditations on your own time *Audio Meditations will be available to listen to/download beginning on our launch date - February 14, 2024*

  • DOWNLOADABLE WORKBOOK to use on your journey with prompts, reflection, and journaling.

  • FACEBOOK GROUP community to heighten and compliment your practice.


What better way to center yourself than with tools and a practice to show up as your highest self — LESS REACTIVE and MORE PRESENT — to enjoy more and stress less. Give this gift to yourself and your family!

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