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Building Community through Service

The heart of our mission at Unity of Oak Park is BUILDING COMMUNITY.

We create opportunities for people to connect, grow, serve, and build community:

SERVE others through Community Outreach

Just last week, adults and children gathered to make meals for families in transition who need support, nourishment, and housing. We planned, prepared, and dropped off meals for people at Housing Forward Interem housing. Check out the photos below:

Families helping Families

Love in Action

This community outreach event was representative of our core values at Unity—to be love and live from love. It's within all of us to choose love.

We can choose love and live it in small and big ways—and amazingly acting in love equally and abundantly blessses the giver and receiver!

"Whoever pursues righteusness and love will find life, prosperity, and honor." Proverbs 21:21

Community Action and Community Building at Unity

Stay connected with Unity to take part in experiences like these to grow yourself, build community, and be love in action!


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