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Black History is American History

Post by our Youth Assistant Director Baba Tony Brown

Black History is American History... they go hand in hand.

Let us think about a few inventions such as the street light, the gas mask, hair products, spoons, the wrench, the vacuum cleaner, potato chips, laser eye surgery, computers, the internet, just to name a few. 

Hundreds of inventions are credited to Black Americans. These inventions made a difference in America. There are countless inventions created by Blacks and credited to others because of issues with obtaining patents.

Benjamin Banneker designed the plans for the capital city. When we think of American music, we think blues, jazz, rap, R & B. Yes, there is also country, but, much of American music was first created by African Americans. 

Black people have influenced many turning points, for instance, the civil war.

Black History is American History.

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By: Baba Tony Brown


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