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Nourishing Body + Soul: Community Chili Cookoff

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

Our community showed up and showed off at our first annual Chili Cookoff!

There were seven different chilis that entered the tasting competition with different flavors and spices.

Community members went from chili to chili to taste each one. After tasting, participants used their five chili beans as voting beans to select and vote on their favorite chili.

Nourishing body + soul at the Chili Cookoff

After voting, we gathered to enjoy a full bowl or two along with conversation o the sunny Sunday morning. There was also bread, salad, and plentiful desserts to top off the savory meal.

We are so grateful to our community who participated in the fundraiser that earned close to $400 that will go towards repair to the building and other capital expenses.

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