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Mario, Luigi, Princess, Bowser, Glow Sticks, Popcorn and more on our Lawn

The lawn at Unity was transformed as families gathered with dinner picnics, snacks, and friends to enjoy a showing of the Super Mario Bros. movie last friday for MOVIE NIGHT.

It was not only fun for the kids with Mario-themed hats and glow sticks, but for adults too who grew up playing Super Mario Bros. games on their Nintendo Entertainment Systems.

Thank you to the UNITY Movie Team

John O'Rourke, Carl Nawrot, and Radelya Brownlee made it such a special night for our community. THANK YOU! We appreciate you and what you bring to our community.

They offered drinks, candy, and popcorn for purchase and free hats and glow sticks for free for all the attendees. They kicked the night off with cartoons that delighted everyone.

More Movie Fun to Come

Stay tuned for another fun movie experience indoors featuring cartoons and hot dogs. You won't want to miss it!

Gallery of Photos

Check out photos below to get a glimpse into the fun!

That's All folks!

For more exciting events, check out Unity's Events Page.


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