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Father's Day Fun: Drumming, Face painting, Popsicles & Community

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

It was a beautiful day on the lawn to celebrate Father's Day with a Drumming Circle led by our favorite storytellers Baba Tony and Kucha along with popsicles and facepainting.

Exercising the Power of Wisdom

The word “father” represents the wisdom within us and one of the ways to exercise that power of wisdom is with our faith. When we plant a seed, dream, or even start a relationship or opportunity, what we need is faith in the nourishment we give and patience our faith will grow what we envision.

Patience is not a passive phase or time to give up trying, it’s an active phase of faith. Many joined us on Father’s Day as we explored the innate quality of wisdom and patience within us so that we can grow our best abilities.

Happy Father's Day to all fathers, father figures, and wisdom within us. We celebrated Fathers in our service with a special presentation from the youth and following the service with our community event.

Highlights from the Father's Day Celebration

Nurturing our Community Partners

We are excited to be partnering with Oak Park River Forest Day Nursery for this fun community event. They have been providing quality early childhood education for working families for over 100 years. Learn more here.


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