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Allow, Believe, and Commit: Putting our Words into Action

Wow! We had a fantastic time putting our words into action with our prayers in our steps and on our steps. 

Rev Richard Billings founding minister used to sit on our steps and allow the God consciousness by welcoming it with prayer, he believed in his prayer for Unity of Oak Park as a thriving community, and he committed to it for 50 years plus. We are doing the same!

Prayer in Acton with Chalk Art

Put Words into Action

Three points from our lesson last week were:

  1. Allow the greater reality

  2. Believe in it.

  3. Commit to it. 

Help us Pave the Way for our Future

Thank you to our community members for putting those three steps into action with our Pave the Way Fund

We are offering an invitation to support what you believe in, to contribute click go on our website and click on give online button and scroll down to Pave the Way Fund.  You may also contribute with a check and mail it to our address.

If you believe in our youth and believe in our community, this is the time to allow, believe and commit.  Thank you for paving the way to what we believe in.

With great faith,

Rev Ev

~Senior minister of Unity of Oak Park~


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