Zeal: The twelve powers

II King 10:16 - “Come with me and see my ZEAL for the Lord (LAW).

By Rev Linda Oglesby

From The Revealing Word, Zeal is intensity, ardor, enthusiasm, the inward fire of the soul (entire mind) that urges humans onward, regardless of the intellectual mind of caution and conservatism. You may become so zealous for the spread of Truth as to bring on nervous prostration. Turn a portion of your zeal for Truth to do God’s will, in you, through you, and as you. Do not let zeal run away with your judgment. When zeal and judgment work together great things can be accomplished.     

In October we celebrate our Spiritual Gift of Zeal/enthusiasm. Zeal is the super conscious level of being that gives us “go power.” Zeal is energy; it is the push that drives us toward our goal in spite of obstacles or hindrances. We must develop this important faculty and learn how to use it rightly. Our inner motivated zeal/enthusiasm is constant, durable, persistent, because it flows from a spiritual source within us. Outer enthusiasm sparked by an idea or project will soon burn out, and we return to our usually routine, challenge free lives. This is because we were motivated by some outer suggestion or excitement rather than an inner spark. Remember all good starts as an inner working and expresses as an outer manifestation.     

True Zeal is quiet, continuous, patient, preserving in a calm way in spite of events, people or circumstances that would detract it.     

Lord is the activity of the Spiritual I AM as the ruling consciousness. The Lord God of the Scriptures is Christ, the Spiritual Person. Law is the faculty of the mind that holds every thought and act strictly to the Truth of Being, regardless of circumstances or environment. Law is a mathematical faculty, it places first things first. Lord/Law work in synchronicity for the perfect outworking of zeal/enthusiasm in your life, world and affairs. Just as the color orange combines the vital physical force of red with that of wisdom, yellow. It is a stimulating energy and is grouped as one with the two most powerful physical colors. Orange relieves depression for it is a combination of joy and power. Orange stimulates the mind to creative expression on the level of idealism. Too much orange can be over stimulating and can lead to excess.   

Zeal must be tempered with wisdom. It is possible to be so zealously active on the intellectual plane that your vitality is consumed and there is nothing left for spiritual growth. It is through putting ourselves firmly with God within that we develop faith, that we are able to meet life effectively, and that we find ourselves filled with zeal and enthusiasm for life. We are then filled from within with energy from Spirit. Wear or carry something orange this month to remind yourself of Your Spiritual Gift Of Zeal.