One of the most basic faculties of our being is our free will. It’s what allows us to make choices one way or another, and gives us the ability to decide to think, speak, or act with a certain amount of freedom in our agency. 
Charles Fillmore called this Will power “the directing power of our mind.” On our own spiritual journey it’s up to us to develop our God-given potential to guide our Will in order to cultivate openness to spiritual growth. Connection with others can encourage and reinforce our inner work. But no one else is going to do it for us. 
We use our Will all the time, each day, practically every moment. As the late Unity minister Winifred Wilkinson Hausmann wrote, “We choose a course of action. We resist or resent. We submit or fight back. We aim high or we slide backward. Or we are willing to consecrate and dedicate our will to God and to let it be reeducated to go His way.” 
Jesus was our great Way-shower who continually demonstrated for us what overcoming the ego-centered, selfish motivation of the Will looks like. It looks like learning, serving, loving, giving, and opening to the real presence of God. As we look to Jesus and other spiritual teachers, and as we align our Will faculty to God-Mind, we allow our Will to unify with Divine Will, which brings good for all. 
In our current society and world, there are many disharmonies and disunities in human relationships, which are grounded in a clash of wills. And yet, when we attune to God’s Will within, the better able we are to open to and understand others, and thus move a path forward with greater compassion and healing. 
Rev. Hausmann also once wrote, “When you find yourself confronted by a strong will that insists you go its way, turn within to the Christ, the God Self, the spiritual core of your nature, and silently say to the other person, ‘The Christ in me beholds the Christ in you.’” 
Through centering in meditation and positive, affirmative prayer, let us allow the Love of God to direct our Will power in order to bring forth new avenues of resolution and spiritual rejuvenation. 
Peace in Christ, 
Rev. Jesse