Tithes & Love Offerings

Tithes & Love Offerings 

What Is a Tithe?   

The word “tithe” means a tenth.  To tithe is to return 10% of all we receive to a person, place or institution from which we have received spiritual food. 

What Is Spiritual Food? 

Spiritual food is that which inspires us, teaches us, reminds us of the Truth and causes us to remember who we really are. 

Why Tithe? 

Tithing establishes order in our life and the life of our ministry. God first! Tithing is a sure way to prosper. Tithing enables us to bless others through the work of God. We tithe, not primarily because we are supposed to, but because we joyfully want to. We tithe because we have discovered that it is a great and creative adventure, and because its rewards are surprising, enriching, increasing, and unending. 

“One of the most practical and sensible ways of seeking God’s kingdom first is to be a tither, to put God first in finances.  It is the promise of God, the logical thing to do, and the experience of all who have tried it, that all things necessary to your welfare have been added to you in an overflowing measure.” 
– Charles Fillmore, Unity’s Co-Founder, from his book, Prosperity

Prosperity Program

“MY MIND IS STAYED ON THEE AS MY UNFAILING RESOURCE, AND I AM IN ALL WAYS PROSPERED.” The words of Myrtle Fillmore . . “Everything is right here, all that ever was or ever could be, simply waiting to be brought forth into manifestation, waiting for our acceptance in faith, believing. As we hold fast to the Truth, in prayer, in faith, as we love it, and live it, we find our consciousness of good enlarged, right decisions are being made, our days filled with blessings, our steps safe and secure, and our lives strong, and filled with beauty. The only limitation to the fulfillment of our deep desires and the answer to our prayers lies in the willingness to receive and express the gifts of God already prepared for us.

“Already the fields are white unto harvest!” The action of Creative Mind is of utmost importance concerning money matters. As a rule, too often we wait until we are in a difficult situation or in need of supply before we apply the principles of prosperity.


Our mind must be stayed on the idea we are one with the Source and have access to all that is God Mind. Through meditation and prayer we must abide in the thought of unlimited supply. Great care must be taken not to fall into error thinking and betray the GOD-GIVEN-POSSIBILITIES within us. Speak the prosperity thought and then be silent, allowing the idea to become firm in consciousness.