You find your strength in the stillness and the silence of your being. This how you find your confidence and security; by being “STILL.”

“Those who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings like eagles.” Isaiah 40:31

The month of February is when we highlight and celebrate our spiritual gift of strength, our inner ability to become and remain balanced, patient and tolerant, no matter what. True strength gives you a greater power than the ability to move things about. One of the wonderful ways strength manifests itself in your consciousness is in the form of patience. Patience is calm, uncomplaining endurance. It is persistent courage. Whenever you need to be courageous in a situation, all you need to do is become still. It is a deliberate spiritual step when you still yourself toward something spiritual. Still yourself toward strength, and a quiet courage comes forth through your consciousness as patience.

Another wonderful way in which spiritual strength manifests itself through your consciousness is in the form of tolerance. Tolerance is your ability to be fair to those with whom you do not agree. This gives you freedom from bigotry. It is your ability to allow deviation from conformity, keeping you open and flexible.

Steadfastness is a third way in which you benefit by placing God at the head of your life. It is your ability to stay fixed in a direction unwavering in spite of all appearance to the contrary.

Balance is the fourth result of spiritual strength. It is mental stability in the face of variants. You have the ability to right yourself when outer pressures are exerted upon you.

Affirm often: The strength of God within me will see me through. I can do anything I set my mind to. I will accomplish all of my goals and I will be the person I deserve to be, as a Spiritual Being.

Rev. Linda Oglesby