The Spiritual Gift of Life

This month, we celebrate the spiritual gift of Life. God’s gift to you of Health, Energy and Wholeness. There is no absence of life anywhere in the universe. There is no lack of energy or vitality. Life never ends. What is called death is merely a transition from one facet of life to another. This knowledge can comfort you in times of seeming loss.

Life is progress, attainment, and mastery, and every new spiritual realization makes finer and stronger and more beautiful the individual soul. It engenders the power to draw from the invisible the fulfillment of its highest ideas. Divine ideas are universal in character and recognize the unity of life among people of all nations. These ideas of life working in and through the soul, will draw to it their own from the four corners of the Earth. Divine ideas attach to the individual and to the environment all the grandeur and loyalty and sublimity contained in the original idea. It is through this process that both the inner and the outer lives grow rich and full and satisfying.

There is no such thing as death. The real you is not alive. The real you is life itself. Being alive is merely a term that we associate with life as it is expressed through your present body. You are life just as you are faith, wisdom, order, strength, judgement, love, power, imagination, understanding, will, zeal, and renunciation. You have been endowed with many spiritual gifts. Let this coming year be one in which you really learn about these gifts and how to develop them.

The color for the month is red. Its bright vibrancy seems to say the very words; “Life, Life, Life!” Wear or carry something red to remind you of this Spiritual Gift of Life. Rev. Linda Oglesby