In the month of May, we recognize and celebrate the spiritual idea of power. Power is the gift within that enables you to be what you want, do what you want, master what you want, and have what you want. You can accomplish anything you set your mind to, when you call forth the power of the presence of God within you.

Phillip is the disciple who represents the faculty of power. The center of power in the physical body is at the base of the tongue. That means that you words are extremely powerful and carry a tremendous vibration. Your worlds can build you up, or they can tear you down.

From, How to Use Your 12 Gifts From God, by William Warch, understand that pure power is SILENCE. Just as silence is stillness, power is silence. Strength is used when you convert it into movement and action. When you speak your word, you name the form which Spirit will take. Divine energy becomes anything you believe, so it is important to watch your thoughts, beliefs and words carefully. You build a consciousness through the power you gave these qualities; thought, beliefs, and words.

Silence is our pure power. Thought is our formed power, and the word is expressed power which becomes manifest. You are the most powerful being in the world because you have mastery, authority and dominion, not over anything outside yourself, but over your own thoughts, feelings, words, actions and reactions. Remember to carry or wear something purple to remind yourself of this valuable gift within given through grace.

“Through Phillip the word is charged with power.” John 6:7

Rev. Linda Oglesby