Sunday Lessons

03/31/2019: Loving the Hell Out of Each Other (Rev. Dr. Jesse Tanner)
03/24/2019: Thinking (Rev. Linda Oglesby)
03/10/2019: God Is the Music (Ryan Priester)
02/24/2019: Honoring the Memory of Rev. Richard Billings
02/24/2019: The Mind Receives (Ryan Priester)
02/17/2019: Christ Spirit - Spiritual Understanding (Rev. Linda Oglesby)
02/10/2019: Spiritual Science - Savings Science (Rev. Linda Oglesby)
02/03/2019: The Power of My Words (Rev. Linda Oglesby)
01/20/2019: The Christ Spirit (Christine Randle, LUT)
01/06/2019: My Faith (Rev. Linda Oglesby)