Sunday Lessons

12/29/2019: Joyful Presence (Rev. Christina Garza)
12/22/2019: Loving Presence (Rev. Kurt Condra)
12/01/2019: Season of Light and Peace (Rev. Helice Greene)
11/24/2019: In All Things (Rev. Kurt Condra)
11/10/2019: The Mystical Path (Rev. Sandy Diamond)
11/03/2019: What the Bible Doesn't Say (Rev. Dr. Jesse Tanner)
10/13/2019: The Living Well Indwelling (Rev. Dr. Jesse Tanner)
10/06/2019: You Can Use This World But Do Not Depend Upon It (Gail Minogue)
09/29/2019: Principle 5: Love In Action (Rev. Dr. Jesse Tanner)
08/25/2019: Idols Within (Rev. Dr. Jesse Tanner)