Sunday Lessons

07/21/2019: Reconciling Mary and Martha (Rev. Dr. Jesse Tanner)
07/14/2019: Big Tent Christianity (Rev. Dr. Jesse Tanner)
07/07/2019: Jesus at the Heart of Unity (Rev. Dr. Jesse Tanner)
04/21/2019: Jesus Christ's Atonement (Rev. Linda Oglesby)
04/19/2019: Good Friday Service (Rev. Linda Oglesby)
04/07/2019: Reform Your God Thought (Rev. Linda Oglesby)
03/31/2019: Loving the Hell Out of Each Other (Rev. Dr. Jesse Tanner)
03/24/2019: Thinking (Rev. Linda Oglesby)
03/10/2019: God Is the Music (Ryan Priester)
02/24/2019: Honoring the Memory of Rev. Richard Billings