Sunday Lessons

11/08/2020: Real Renunciation (Christine Randle, LUT)
11/01/2020: Moments (Carl Nawrot)
10/25/2020: Maximize Your Purpose! (Michael Applegate)
10/18/2020: God's Answer Is Always Yes (Christine Randle, LUT)
10/11/2020: Love Will Find a Way (Anthony Bozzi)
10/04/2020: You Gotta Wanna! First Step in the Light Direction (Russ Sorensen)
09/27/2020: Lift Your Voice (Ryan Priester)
09/20/2020: I Am in the Express Business (Stanley Griffin)
09/13/2020: Our Stories Create Our World (Rev. Tom Wendt & Marypatriece Wendt)
09/06/2020: The Justice in "Injustice" (Christine Randle, LUT)