Sunday Lessons

09/13/2020: Our Stories Create Our World (Rev. Tom Wendt & Marypatriece Wendt)
09/06/2020: The Justice in "Injustice" (Christine Randle, LUT)
08/30/2020: Claiming Your Spiritual Authority (Rev. Carol Backe)
08/23/2020: Spiritual Wholeness (Ryan Priester)
08/16/2020: Working for God! (Michael Applegate)
08/09/2020: The Spirit of Christ Is Upon You (Rev. Russ Sorensen)
08/02/2020: There Are No Discounts in Heaven (Rev. Ev Godina)
07/26/2020: Seeing the Sacred in Daily Life (Rev. Christina Garza)
07/19/2020: The Art of Self-Acceptance (Rev. Tom Wendt)
07/12/2020: Peace in Chaotic Times (Rev. Sandy Diamond)