Why is it that humankind, a highly evolved species on this planet, seems to have so much difficulty establishing harmony and order in our relationships? We, as human beings, seem to run into problems in adjusting to our context, getting along with others, and creating healthy patterns in our spiritual growth. What’s this about?

This issue is grounded in our freedom of will, to choose, and make decisions about the present into the future. We, as co-creators with God, can think consciously, make rational decisions, and determine the direction our lives are going to go, for the most part. We are endowed with this ability so that we can create orderly growth for ourselves as beings made in the image and likeness of the Divine.

When we awaken to our inner power of Order, as an essential part of our God-given potential, we’re better able to recognize and cultivate Divine Order in our lives. As we attune ourselves with this inner spiritual principle, this harmony facilitates greater balance and thus contentment in our lives.

The inner power of Order is associated with the disciple James, son of Alphaeus. He represents the harmony and balance available through centering our awareness within. Once we have aligned ourselves with the indwelling Christ and cooperate with spiritual powers at our core, it becomes easier to build healthy relationships with other people, engage in fulfilling activities, create more time for all the things we need to do, and facilitate well-being in our body, mind, and spirit.

This month, let us focus on our power of Order. And I invite us to do so using this prayer affirmation: I cultivate balance and harmony in my life through the power of Order within me.

Peace to you in the Christ,

Rev. Jesse