When reflecting on the Twelve Disciples and the spiritual powers they represent within us, many people forget about Judas Iscariot, the man who betrayed Jesus Christ in the accounts we have in the canonical gospels of the New Testament. It’s interesting to note that the fairly recently discovered Gnostic Gospel of Judas depicts Judas in a more positive light, commissioned by Jesus himself to play a crucial role.

Judas had a necessary role in the Messiah story, and the quality he represents plays an important part in our development of the perfect-person idea: Life.

In developing our God-given potential, we are expressing the Life power to a greater or lesser degree, depending on how well it’s under the direction of the Christ. The more our Life is aligned with the indwelling Christ, the more of the fullness of life we can enjoy in our potential. The Life principle not only enriches the soul, but also lifts our whole being into a beautiful expression of the pattern God created in us from the beginning.

It takes much prayer and practice to cultivate Life in body, mind, and spirit. Life works best when it is able to flow throughout the whole being as radiant energy, grounded in the Christ at the center of our being, and directed with Wisdom and Order.

This month, as we enter the Christmas season, I invite us to practice these affirmations to better attune ourselves to the Life of God within us:

My life is an expression of God-life, whole and free.

I am alive, awake and attuned to Divine Life in me.

I accept Life as a pure stream, healing and harmonizing every part of my being.

I praise the Spirit of God that gives me life, and I give thanks for divine activity within me.

I am renewed, restored, and reborn through the activity of the indwelling Christ.

I am lifted into eternal life by the Christ within my own being.

Let’s appreciate our gift of Life! Praise it, bless it, give thanks for it, and we’ll discover that the source of all supply doesn’t hold up or give out.