Inner Sunlight Meditation Service




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Welcome to Unity of Oak Park’s Inner Sunlight Meditation service.  Unity of Oak Park is an all-inclusive, spiritual community dedicated to serving the inner and outer wellbeing of all people.  This is a safe space that  upholds the  dignity of every person. There are no requirements to attend this event.  We are honored to have your presence today and always.  



If you have any  spiritual practices we hope that you’ll find this non-denominational experience supportive of your personal path.    We are here to affirm your highest good through unconditional love, kindness, authenticity, and acceptance.  





A non-denominational mindfulness experience 

every Sunday morning at Unity of Oak Park. 



Featuring Serene Live Music





Featuring serene live music from local and touring performers; 

We gather in a sacred space together where we are welcomed and safe and find  

peacefulness, awareness, and possibilities.


The Experience

9:00AM - Doors Open

9:15AM - Morning Music

9:30AM - Meditation*

9:45AM – Conclusion



Where we are:


Unity of Oak Park

405 N. Euclid Avenue

Oak Park, IL



All are welcome.

Admission is absolutely free. 


*Entry will be closed once meditation begins. 

Please arrive early in this sacred space..



Meet our Meditation Practioners


Anthony Bozzi

Anthony Bozzi is a writer, performer, and lifelong seeker. Proudly born and (often) raised in Chicago, IL; his first exposure to New Thought was through Rev. Mike Matoin and Unity of Chicago’s “Home On Thome.” It is his personal mission to prove that kindness and creativity can change the world. Unity of Oak Park and Reverend Ev’s bright enthusiasm has been instrumental in boosting this ideal through the inner and outer transformation of Anthony’s own life.

He is a licensed professional practitioner through Centers for Spiritual Living and has spoken or given workshops at numerous centers in the Midwest and Southern California. As a member of the (R)ev’s leadership team; he takes great pride in facilitating special events here at Unity of Oak Park such as baptisms, weddings, memorial services, and more. He is especially proud of his personal tour of UOP’s building during the Chicago Architecture Center’s annual Open House Chicago event. (And his famous side excursions through the kitchen.)

Anthony is a huge fan of affirmations, positive prayers, talk therapy, Ernest Holmes, the 12 Powers, Ryan Priester’s metaphysics classes, “The Daily Word”, live music, road trips, independent film, visual storytelling, and comic books. He also owns far too many neckties. It’s a vision come true for Anthony to be on the launch team for UOP’s Inner Sunlight Meditation Service. He is excited to experience it as a facilitator, participant, and door guy. (Feel free to ask him for the best seats.) He thanks you for reading this far; is grateful to stop speaking of himself in the third person; and sends light, love, and laughter to all.


Karen McArdle




Karen McArdle has spent much of her professional and personal life inspiring others to recognize and tap into their potential and seek possibilities. For many years she instructed adults in complex technical subjects, inspired university students as an Adjunct Professor in aerospace, and taught thousands of Chicago Public School K-8 and High School students as a guest teacher in Aerospace. Karen has worked hundreds of volunteer hours for non-profit organizations and served on a number of non-profit boards of directors that support diversity for career paths in technical fields. 



Although her vocations have and still demand precision and certainty, Karen seeks harmony and balance in her life too through meditation, Feng Shui, quietude, and other modalities. She knows that wisdom comes from many sources and honors these sacred teachings. 


Karen is professionally trained and certified in Feng Shui which includes Space Clearing. Unity teachings, especially Catherine Ponder’s many books, have influenced her Feng Shui and Space Clearing studies over the past twenty-five years.  She shares ways of opening the energy flow in our lives including guided cleansing meditations. Unity has been a part of Karen’s life for almost 30 years. She is happy and grateful to continue her learning with others at Unity of Oak Park.


Carl Nawrot

content coming soon

Marilyn Joy

Marilyn Joy is a longtime member of Unity Of Oak Park, volunteering as a prayer chaplain, in the book room, serving on the board, as a member of the Green Team, and in many other ways. For over 20 years Marilyn has been studying and implementing Unity teachings and success principles, as a meditation teacher, trainer, and certified life coach. She owes much of her growth to the teachings and people of Unity. It has long held a special place in her life and heart and has been a place of peace and friendship.

Marilyn is the founder of Joy Coaching, transformational life coaching and LightPoint Meditation, guided meditations on YouTube. Starting and growing these businesses has been the fulfillment of long held dreams made possible by applying the Unity principles and the teachings of Jesus to her life. She looks to Unity as a guiding light and is happy to contribute her own light to that beacon. Marilyn is proof positive that you are never too old to live a life of meaning and purpose and see your dreams come true.