In the tradition established by Charles and Myrtle Fillmore, we recognize one of our 12 spiritual faculties each month. The faculty for the month of June is imagination – the faculty of mind that receives divine ideas and gives them outer form. According to scripture, Jesus saw (imagined) Bartholomew, one of the appointed apostles, under the fig tree before he came into visibility. Awesome! Jesus said that what he has done, we can do also. Therefore, if Jesus imagined certain events happening in advance, it goes to say we can as well. However, one’s spiritual acuity plays an important role here.

To develop this special ability, begin by mentally seeing what you desire. Make your picture as clear as possible and don’t look at the picture but become a part of the picture in your imagination. As your power of imagination grows, you can expect to manifest great events, situations and things in your life world and affairs. Hold a picture of yourself as successful, healthy, peaceful and powerful, and so will you become. Images of freedom, perfection and self-confidence will out-picture when you hold on to them steadily and invest them with strong, positive feelings. If any image happens to intrude that is unlike what you desire for yourself, release and renounce it as quickly as you can. Return your picturing faculty to the best and highest that you can see occurring in your life, world and affairs.

Imagination or the picture-making faculty of the mind is one of the greatest of God’s gifts to us. It is a faculty that we use either consciously or unconsciously every day, and is one of the most powerful faculties we possess. With imagination we can shape our character, our environment and our world.

Keep something light blue with you every day to remind yourself of this wonderful gift from the God presence in you. This blue will remind you of the vast scope of imagination and that nothing is too magnificent to picture for yourself. If you have never consistently done it before, choose this month to begin working with your powers of mind, and expect to see wonderful results.

Rev. Linda Oglesby