Elimination: The Twelve Powers

Elimination means to expel or get rid of, to disregard as irrelevant or incorrect. Release means to set free, liberate, and deliver from worry, pain, and obligation or to be free. Metaphysically speaking, release and elimination are entirely an inner process. The two main functions of release and elimination in consciousness are the avoidance of negativity and the elimination of negativity. They are both related to keeping your consciousness pure and uncluttered. Your consciousness is your home, the place where you live daily. Just as you keep your physical home free from clutter you must and should keep your mental home free from clutter. One of the greatest methods of mental housekeeping is the use of affirmations, statements of truth such as “I let go, and I let God.” 
Your Spiritual gift of release is your ability to give a “no” response to negativity. It is your ability to reject that which is not of Spirit (Absolute Good/God). Release helps us eliminate error thoughts and feelings to expand our good. When we release and forgive as well as let go of old thoughts, we are using our power of release. At this level, discernment/judgement are closely aligned. 
Release creates a vacuum. When you let go of old thoughts and old feelings you are creating room/space for new refreshing, revitalizing thoughts and feelings to come into your consciousness. A healthy state of mind is attained when the thinker is willing to let go and moves into a new perspective of thinking and feeling. We must always be willing to forgive ourselves as well as others. Self-condemnation is destructive and prevents consciousness development. 
Denials are a form of release. They relinquish false beliefs of the sense mind. Denials separate negative emotions from your true self in understanding. It’s important that you/we include an affirmation about the Truth of Being after having stated a denial such as “Discouragement and apathy are no longer a part of my consciousness. The zeal of God pours through me now as joy, health and enthusiasm."  
During the month of November the color to remind us to release is russet. Russet is the combination of yellow and brown.  It relates to the season of fall.  It indicates change and a time of rest. Joy turns into a period of dormant rest.  Brown takes us back to our relationship with Mother Earth, our beginning. Joy is the first expression of zeal and is the most usable form of zeal in the human experience. Joy is the use of zeal at very low frequency. 
In healing we immerse ourselves in soft yellow-brown for the healing of the physical body. Elimination/release is the letting go of old thoughts and ways of being that no long serve us. It is important to let go of these things in order to make way for our New Spiritual understanding. 
“It is good to be zealously affected always in a good thing.” Galatians 4:18
Rev. Linda Oglesby