Elimination, sometimes known as Renunciation, is our inner spiritual ability to release negative thoughts, feelings, and beliefs from our awareness. It’s also our capacity to forgive and release the negative energy around others, ourselves, or circumstances.
Elimination is probably the least discussed of the 12 powers, but it’s super important, because we use it each and every day. It’s simply a matter of how intentionally and consciously we’re using it. Elimination is like fuel for the fire of our spiritual growth! Without the elimination of old, outworn ideas and beliefs we can’t progress in our spiritual growth. Just as Jesus told us we can’t put new wine into old wineskins, we can’t pile new understandings on top of old understandings that don’t support that new kind of consciousness. 
None of us were born and raised in a vacuum. Our past affects our present, which then shapes the future. In truth, sometimes negative thoughts arise in our head and we have to name them and discern what they are so we can use denials and affirmation to release them. Much like how a garden might get clogged with weeds, negative thoughts and intentions can clog our minds if we don’t take heed and begin to weed the garden of our consciousness. 
The power of elimination is important because it’s what allows us to plumb the depths of our thinking in order to further spiritual development. Our success in anything we do is limited by the thoughts we’re holding in awareness. I could affirm good for myself and others all day, every day, but if I haven’t released and let go of outworn or negative thoughts, my path of spiritual evolution will be impeded. 
Denials and affirmations are tools we use to channel our power of Elimination. Denials are statements we make that take the thoughts and beliefs we no longer want and release them by denying that they have any power over us. Then we state an affirmation to replace that old or negative thought pattern with a new, positive idea. Pulling weeds, planting seeds. 
If we use denials and affirmations through our power of Elimination each day to determine what thoughts and beliefs we’re cultivating in consciousness, it boosts our spiritual development and opens new avenues for experiencing and expressing the love and light that we truly are. 
Grace and peace in the indwelling Christ,
Rev. Jesse