The Creative Power of God

The wonderful creative power of God is the energy out of which all forms are made. In this vast change we live in - the flux and flow and ebb and tide of evolution -- there is constancy, a consistence; there is in the midst of all movement something which does not move and yet which moves all things.

Scientific minds are unlocking the forces of nature to us, delivering original energy to human uses. There must be an equal discovery in the realm of spirit. For just as we are surrounded by physical energy, so we are also immersed in spiritual power. The individual mind draws its inspiration from a universal source. Every person’s consciousness flows back into this source, and may bring from it some knowledge, wisdom, and power that can seem miraculous. When a person releases the powers of the soul, there comes marvels that have evolved from the inner faculties which are opened up and connected with cosmic Mind.

We may meet difficulties, uncertainties, and doubts - barriers blocking our passage. But we must not be discouraged. We must climb over the rocks of unbelief, past the barriers of doubt, and plunge into the stream of Spirit with faith. Then we will walk through the plains and valleys of indecision and we will be carried back to the wonderful creative power of God.