Board of Trustees

2018 - 2019 Unity of Oak Park Board of Trustees

Chairperson - JoAnn Murphy

Vice Chairperson - Sheila Swann-Guerrero

Secretary - Lindsay Ambrose

Treasurer - Lori Kozon

Trustees - Stephen Hoxworth, Marilyn Joy, and Morgan Schussler-Williams

Monthly Meeting

We meet on the second Monday of every month at 6pm at Unity of Oak Park. All are welcome to attend.

Board Membership

If you are interested in becoming a Unity of Oak Park Board member, please submit your application by Sun., Feb. 3 (for a copy of the application, click here).  See Jo Crawford or John O'Rourke in Friendship Hall after the Sunday Services in January if you have any questions.  Election of new members to the Board will take place in early March.  Read More

Monthly Update

January:  Hope the start of 2019 is a beautiful one. We are thankful for Rev. Linda being here with us as our temporary minister for an additional 6 months as we continue our search for a new minister. With our transitional healing work behind us, we continue to move forward with our search for our new minister and ask everyone to hold in prayer and faith that the right person will be here with us in divine right time. We look forward to our Annual Meeting on Sun., March 3, and we hope everyone can attend. Please consider completing an application to run for one of the three open positions on the Board of Trustees as we work together to open up this new chapter for Unity of Oak Park. More information can be found in the Board Membership section on this page. With the launch of the new website, we are trying to go green and not use as much paper. Please continue to check in on the website and on our Facebook page, as well as the information boards near the Book Room, Sanctuary and Friendship Hall, for updates and information on all classes, events, and any other activities.  If you have any suggestions, comments or questions, please reach out to us anytime via email Thank you kindly and we look forward to serving Unity of Oak Park as best we can with light and love.

December:  We look forward to a new year of peace, prosperity, and abundance for all at Unity of Oak Park and the world. Please note that we will be moving to one service at 10am beginning in 2019. We trust this will create more community and a positive vibe at our services and thank you for your support of this. This is an exciting time to be on the Unity of Oak Park Board and we encourage you to apply for one of the three open Board positions. We need people of all different skills and encourage you to serve and be a part of making Unity of Oak Park continue to thrive in the years ahead. We hold in our consciousness the arrival of our new minister and are excited to consider more candidates as we've finished our transitional work and are eager to find the right candidate for Unity of Oak Park. We thank Rev. Linda for her vibrant messages and work as our temporary minister during this transitional time. We hope you enjoy all the wonderful events of the season and have a blessed start to the New Year.

November: We are excited about a lot of forward movement at Unity of Oak Park. We thank everyone who attended our informal congregational meeting in early November. We are greatful for all the direction and insight Rev. Phil has provided us as the transitional minister. We will have our last workshop with him on Saturday, Decemeber 8, where will we focus on our mission, vision and values and we encourage all to attend. We are excited about the Cookie Walk and Bring a Friend to Church day on Sunday, December 9. Rev. Phil shared with us that 90% of new people come to church when they are invited by a friend. We ask that everyone consider bringing a friend and particiipating in this fun day. We are looking for volunteers to help in baking cookies and they can sign up in the book room. We will be moving to one service at 10am beginning January 1, 2019. We hope this will positively shift the energy at Unity of Oak Park and look forward to your support with this important decision. We hope you'll join us at our special holiday services that are scheduled. We warmly wish you and your families a healthy, happy, and prosperous holiday and joyous start to the new year.

October: We are grateful for the flurry of activity at Unity of Oak Park lately. From classes to workshops to Sunday services, we are grateful for all the involvement and dedication. We invite everyone to attend a Congregational Meeting with The Board on Sunday, November 11, after the 11am service in Friendship Hall. In an effort to keep up communication and transparency between the Board and Congregation, we will be holding meetings three times a year instead of just once a year as we've done in the past. We are moving forward with our updated website and look forward to sharing a preview of it then as well as an overall financial update and open Q&A. We thank you for your continued tithing that enables us to cover the building and operating costs to run our church, your support helps us remain a vibrant, abundant, and prosperous community and we are grateful. We hope to see many of you at our first ever Halloween Trunk or Treat from 1-3pm on Sunday, October 27. I believe we are still in need of volunteers so please sign up in the Book Room if you can help in any way. With light and love, The Unity of Oak Park Board of Trustees.